[Request] SpectrumX Holdings Ltd IPO

A little early as it’s not been given a date yet, but I’d like to be all ready for it.

Yes looks very tempting if their trials come good. Seems a good balance between existing NHS contracts and the huge potential upside of treatments under development.

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Just found this snippet on the proactive site.

Floating imminently (and therefore one to watch for) is a company called SpectrumX, which is harnessing the huge potential of a man-made version of hypochlorous acid, the body’s way of destroying bacteria and viruses.

Some recent data that may have flown under that radar could bode well for the product’s deployment in people with COVID-19 – opening up a rather large potential market.

It has been developed as SPC-069, a new therapy designed to treat viral, bacterial, and fungal infections in the lung and respiratory tract.

In preclinical assessments, a team at the Medizinische Universität, Innsbruck, were able to show that SPC-069 was able to neutralise Wuhan and Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 in just one minute. All tested viruses were neutralised in five minutes.

Insiders will likely be ecstatic with result as the Innsbruck researchers gear up for a phase II human trial that will deliver the Covid treatment via nebuliser.

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I’ve read the IPO presentation and if I had the spare funds I’d be buying in, this is only going in one direction and would love to buy some shares via FT once lunched in Nov

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I have requested the pre-ipo info via the Spectrumx website’s investor relations page. Says the min investment is £10K which seems doable.

Yes i have also seen this, interesting!! I have previously dabbled with Pre IPO’s myself such as deliveroo, however to begin with that was a disaster! Luckily i didn’t crystalise my losses… SpectrumX does sound very promising and i can see why people are hyped, big things to come from this company!

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I hope so. One of their investor relations team is calling me later to discuss my possible investment. Will let this board know how I get on.

Yes thanks Adam. You see my reply to Lucas I’m taking this seriously and trying to get on board at the pre-ipo stage. They are calling me and finding out if there is a discount available on the launch IPO share price. Usually this is the case. Will revert back

Hi there, just commenting to check if anyone has made any advancements with this PRE IPO?

I’ve got an application in.

Greg, is there a date set for IPO yet and, importantly, do you know what the minimum investment level is for pre-IPO?

Yes min investment £10k. Just done it. IPO end Nov from what they tell me

Thanks Greg

Btw I read about it on hotipo website. Some good tips on there.

I also use this website, i find it quite useful in preparing myself for IPO investment

Hi Resistance1, wondering whether you have made any advancements with this PRE IPO?? have done lots of research and IMO think its worth it both short and long term

Yes I’m onboard got in on the last day of the 2nd phase. I understand the last stage is underway now where you get a 10% discount on the IPO price.