UK company & producer of a highly effective Covid19 LAMP testing kit now approved by UK government

The RT-LAMP tests, made by privately-held British company OptiGene

That’s from a Yahoo piece, published in December. The emphasis is mine. Please do some basic research prior to posting a request. Others shouldn’t have to do such things for you. I did it because :freetrade: staff should only be seeing requests for publicly traded companies.

Maybe consider reframing your reply next time, as read, it doesn’t make for a particularly welcoming and inclusive message!

Regardless of whether we can buy the company, I find immense value in discovering new, niche and specialised businesses here. It would be a shame if those new to the community were discouraged from contributing for fear of facing unnecessarily salty replies.

@jabdoc merci for the share, though as @beermoneytrader points out, looks to be a private co, so no way to buy shares through public markets.