Indivior - INDV

This company makes pharmaceutical products used to treat people with opioid addictions and mental illnesses.

Talk of this leaving LSE and listing in the US.

It’s on my watchlist and was a purchase target next month.

If the ‘transfer’ goes ahead, I believe any shares bought on LSE will still be tradeable - is that right? Might there be a share swap from £ to $US?

Can anyone elaborate as to exactly what is happening currently with these shares?

As was announced last week, it has been decided to consolidate these shares, from today you will be issued 1 share for every 5 that you hold, as a result the nominal value will increase. Unfortunately it looks like they have revalued prior to reducing our share holding and so it looks like the shares have sky rocketed in price. No doubt this will be adjusted shortly. These shares cannot be currently treated today due to the changeover. You should have had a communication in this

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Thanks Chris, was expecting my holding to reduce but got a huge surprise this morning.

If you did buy in last year you would have a pretty little profit now🤞

Unfortunately I didn’t buy in.

Wounded :confused: do you think its worth getting in now? ive had it on me watch list for a while now

I’ve not really looked closely enough at it recently. My portfolio is pretty much settled for the time being, barring any major changes/shocks/surprises.
It’s still on my watchlist; maybe something for the new financial year.