[Request] Recycling Technologies (IPO)

This one looks interesting, coming in December. About as green as plastic can get.

This will be my first crowdfund to IPO - looking forward to seeing a profit!


Me too. Will be interested to see the process!


Definitely - here’s hoping Freetrade add the stock day one and our shares can come straight in to our accounts. Fingers crossed


Very excited for this! IPOs in London have had a hard time recently, but I’m hoping its green credentials results in significant institutional demand which will drive its share price up


It was £11 a share at the funding round on Crowdcube back in 2018. Pre money was £25.3m for 12.5% equity. Will be interesting to see what the figures are like in the IPO in December?? Lots of delays and set backs but got some high profile investors and what looks like an exciting future…


I think you are missing a point. I believe it was £1.1 a share in that round. Otherwise I got a very good deal.

There was also another round in December the same year with a Pre money valuation of £39.6m for 4.66% equity. I did not participate in that one though so not sure of the share price.

Crazy to think they are looking to raise the same amount that the 2018 overall valuation was. Hopefully it works out well!

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I stand corrected I meant £1.10 sorry. Roll on December…

I’ve had three of my crowdfunded investments IPO here in the US over the past few weeks.

Essentially shares all have 6 month locked period during which time I cannot sell any shares after which time I can then sell them in chucks over the following months, if that’s what a I wish to do. Ideally hoping to recover initial investment value and then leave the balance for a free ride. Good problems to have.

Computershare essentially coordinate the process between myself (same for all investors) and the company and they help to transfer the shares to my broker of choice and off you go from there.

I’m assuming something similar will occur for us all in this case.


How does the carbon emissions of recycling the plastic compare to using oil from the ground?

And does anyone have info on how the cost compares.

I think it was £1.50 a share

Anyone read the general meeting notice? If yes any thoughts?

Great insight, thanks for sharing!

As you say

Hope you made out like a bandit on at least 1 of them!

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Hey @GMCay :wave:t3:

What’s interesting is that all three have IPO’d within 12-18 months of my investment which for two of them was their first and only raise.

Returns are between X3-5 so not exactly epic but given the short investment timeframe I’m actually delighted. Once the locked period is done, I will sell the initial stake in all three, hold the balance for a free ride and then use the funds to reinvest / go after the next batch. I’ll do the same with RT when the time comes….

Good luck out there


Great to have them return that quickly. I’d happily take a return like that vs some of mine that are going on 5+ years and still no realistic exit in sight.

Great strategy to take out the initial investment and leave the rest to ride as their could still be a lot more value after going public. I know it’s early days but this is something I have wondered about if Freetrade go public - how much to realise and how much to let ride. Still have a while to think that through though. For now, I’ll learn what I can from the RT IPO.


Same here, interested in the process especially that I’m not based in the UK.

Yeah I haven’t yet defined my plan if / when FT IPO or there is another liquidity event. Sell the lot, sell some, hold or buy more. I think given the potential size of the £ at stake I’d defo sell some. Could be a good thread to set up nearer the time to get some ideas / help others….

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The topic of ‘distribution’ has come up a few times on the All in podcast over the last few months.

When Robinhood went public Jason Calacanis was talking about how quickly his fund should / will distribute the shares to the investors. His fund had no framework written in for the distribution - a good problem to have when he 50 x from the seed investment.

WeFunder will almost certainly have a standard operating practice of distribution as lock ups expire written into the T’s & C’s, this is their only was to ensure the lock ups are honoured. You can’t sell what you don’t have.

Congrats @scudulike :clap:t2:

Your decision to provide liquidity to a private company, has helped enable a founder to build out their vision and in this case it’ll be a vision with a high upside for the planet to.

Take a victory lap


personally think the potential valuation will be 400mn, 10% for 40mn, plus their previous post-m is around 60mn and with all the solid collaborations and quite certain pipelines, 400mn does make sense