[Request] Recycling Technologies (IPO)

a dumb question:
after IPO, how can I trade my crowdfund B shares on AIM exchange? these B shares are in paper format not digital.

Just reading this now.

The shareholders letter suggests they will be using Primarybid to allow retail investors to get involved. Great that they are opening the opportunity to everyone including small retail investors that may have missed the crowdfunding.

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The resolutions talk about allowing share transfers using the CREST system, so it will all be done digitally I believe.

um how could I find the the broker that works with this Primarybid, i am currently based in HK :cry:

Don’t worry, wait until they communicate the process to all shareholders. I’m quite sure they will be able to move the shares to brokers in HK or other locations where you have a trading account. You will not be the only one in this position :ok_hand:t3:

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I think PrimaryBid are involved from the IPO fundraising perspective. So if you wanted to buy shares at the IPO price. Transfering crowdfunding shares to your broker will be handled differently I am sure and depending on the lockup period - can anyone recall what that period was?

Yup. He’s not the only one indeed. I’m in NZ and don’t have a broker in the UK.

So hopefully it will be like as you said.

IPO is currently open on Primary Bid, 10 days left and £1000 minimum offer.


Does it give any details on valuation or share price or is it just a blind commitment? Not sure how Primary Bid works.

They say the price per share will be determined at a later stage in the IPO process. They’re raising £40m. No word on valuation as well. This is how usually works on IPOs on Primary Bid unfortunately

In my experience they’ll take the funds straight away and if it is oversubscribed, you’ll get a refund of an x amount. Then they’ll send it to the broker of choice and it appears on that broker when shares hit the market.


How do you know if what your investing in is good value?

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A speculation at best I guess, just sharing the info for those that are interested.

possible for all of us to open an account?

that’s the reason why i think they will go valuation 400mn, dillution of 10% does make sense with all concrete deals confirmed

It’s been a while since I registered, if I remember correctly you’ll need an NI number, a UK bank account and address and a broker they have partnered with.

I see. The only thing that I could possibly have will be a UK bank account. haha

I have seen speculation that the share price will be £1.50 to £1.70

So if you invested £1,000 in Feb 2018 you would have gotten 910 shares which would be worth at the range £1,365 to £1,547.

Not a tremendous return given 3.5 years at such a high risk. But remember we got EIS so really a £1,000 investment cost £700 which means a doubling of the investment upon IPO


Long game with this one as remember they don’t have a machine up and running. Lots of potential worldwide with this one and I believe it will be game changing in the next 5-7 years :rocket:

Looking at it from a technology perspective it is far from game changing - same tech idea that a lot of waste management and perhaps more importantly chemical companies are working on. That doesn’t mean it won’t be successful but it isn’t revolutionary.

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