Accumulating Dividend ETFs

Hi all,

I’m looking at investing into some accumulating Dividend ETFs. Prefer global, but willing to look at UK & Europe also. Looking for dividends of 3.5% & above.

So far I’m only aware of VHYG (accumulation version of VHYL)

Are there any other accumulation dividend ETFs that you know of?


Out of interest, why would you want an accumulating ETF when your focus is on the dividends and vice versa?

Mainly so its set & forget, no manual reinvestment. All done for me - truly passive.

Also, because I’m fairly tech heavy, I thought a dividend ETF would be a good way to diversify & potentially add a bit of stability to my portfolio.

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This sounds like you should just get a world index. They outperform dividend ETFs in the long run and often have lower volatility. The only reason imho to invest in dividend ETFs is to actually have them paid out. Your goal seems to be total return - and dividend ETFs aren’t good at that.


My main holdings now are S&P 500 (equivalent) & HSBC All World, but they are still tech heavy IMHO.

With the current bear market, with potential to drop further or trade sideways for sometime, i thought a nice dividend ETF would at least give me that stable dividend growth running in the background.

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