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Just seen Trading 212 promote this, I have an account to gain shares not on Freetradd and this is appealing for tax on gains.

Is this achievable? Appreciate they’ll be a wait if not already being worked.


The ADRs aren’t available in a 212 ISA what your buying is a 1:1 Exchange Traded Product

Nothing necessarily good or bad about that, but it should be clear your buying an ETP. The ISA rules haven’t actually changed.

Freetrade don’t offer ETPs that I’m aware of and as I understand currently have no plans for it.

You can be exposed to NIO via other products like a trust or ETF


Thanks Eden thats useful.
ETFs or trusts are fine and understood you achieve something, but if you are after one share to be high conviction on you just dilute your strategy - so this is a bit of a gap for me still, similar reason I used T212 for something like Samsung over a Korea ETF with 30% weighting.
I’ll take a further look into it on the T212 side. :+1:


It’s worth looking at the fees on these ETPs. 1% is too steep for me. I’d rather buy the ADRs directly in my SIPP.

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