Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography (ASML) - Share Chat

I have ASML on my watchlist especially because of how much it has been sliding with the rest of the market.
It is rare for someone to have a complete monopoly over a commodity in such incredible demand and the cost of entry basically makes it almost impossible for new players to come in.
In my head the outlook over the next decade seems to be very promising yet Bridgewater have opened a very large short position on it (and seemingly the rest of Europe) which has of course made me question my thesis.
Important to note as in the article below, we do not know if it’s an outright bet against these companies or a hedge.

I’ll think I’ll stay on the sidelines for a bit longer.

ASML has such a big moat and we already know rough guidance for the next two years due to their logbook orders. I’d love to buy ASML, even at a premium. I’ll look to start buying from a 32 P/E and lower. Don’t care about the Bridgewater short.