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Great stock to have in your portfolio. Any chance of adding this one soon?

Do you mean the semiconductor business?
I doubt that Asml stands for the above :smiley:

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From memory ASML stands for Advanced Semiconducting Materials - or something like that

ASML is Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography.
Abstract State Machine Language is a computer language.

EDIT: I changed the title of the thread to the correct one

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I sold AMD recently thinking they were overpriced, and put some money into these guys. They sell the machines that Intel and TSMC use to make chips. They literally have a monopoly.

The chipmakers cannot make enough chips. Low interest rates means capex spending. Their last results were in line with expectation.

I’d really want this one as well. One of the large holders of ASML is James Anderson’s SMT, a trust that many of my colleagues have in their pensions, so do I.

His short thesis on ASML from his recent Barron’s interview:

What’s the most important corporate enabler of the structural changes driving these great platform businesses? Whatever keeps Moore’s Law going. ASML Holding (ASML) is now the global monopolist in lithography, the technology that provides the patterning on wafers. Gordon Moore himself wrote about its likely centrality to the continuance of his Moore’s Law. This is probably the most technologically difficult challenge out there. And they did it by having an extraordinarily long-term attitude.
I’m not urging anyone to buy this year. Shares nearly doubled last year, valuing the company at $125 billion. Over the next decade—thinking about an underlying 30% to 40% growth rate in demand for semiconductors, with everything from the Internet of Things, autonomous driving, and fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless—the company can get to $500 billion in market cap.

Link to article:

Vey high quality stock according to below from Genuine Impact, even thought it’s not cheap on valuation:

And good health from simply wall st:
Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 10.47.51


Keen to have this on the platform!

Request for ASML holdings NASDAQ: ASML

(superconductor tech firm)

Very keen to have this added to coverage as well.

I saw this recently and found it very impressive (it’s mostly about ASML machines):


To celebrate the addition to coverage, here’s ASML’s tech roadmap:

What’s the restriction reason on this stock that means it has to be bought outside of an ISA?

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I’m confused by this as well, because Amsterdam (Euronext) should qualify.

I thought it’s because Freetrade has the US depository receipt rather than the underlying, however this page seems to suggest that DRs should be fine, provided the underlying qualifies (which it does as per above)

Or perhaps the simplest explanation - HL lists it as ISA qualifying.

I would very much appreciate a response on this as I’m very keen to hold this in a tax-advantaged account and don’t want to have to use another provider.

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I messaged the Freetrade team via the App to get this sorted and this is now available within the ISA :raised_hands:

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Q3 results just out, looks like distribution is the big takeaway as buybacks resume and dividends increase. Beyond that looks like they just expect EUV demand to keep printing them money for the best part of the coming decade, so no surprises there.

The sales breakdown page is pretty interesting, I hadn’t fully appreciated how much detail it gives. I think between the $sales, Logic/Memory split, geography, units sold and a basic understanding of the customer’s business lines it should be possible to pretty accurately confirm who is taking the EUV units. I’m long TSMC so this might be useful to confirm rumours about their expanding EUV capacity.

I had previously estimated 120m was the price for an EUV unit, but 140m seems more accurate based on the last 2 quarters.

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ASML held their investor day today, here’s my favourite snippet:

You can see the materials here:


As very important company in the industry, good to see further advances in the technology. The stock has been on quite a run this year. I’m taking the recent dip as an opportunity to add.

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