(AI) Sensyne Health - AIM:SENS

With potentially a good time to grab in the market if the future goes to their plan this AIM company combining AI technology and patient data in order to improve patient outcomes it’s Sensyne Health. Through a unique partnership with the NHS that unlocks the value of electronic patient record data for research, SENS have created AI software that is able to analyse this data and answer clinically relevant questions and generate new discovery hypotheses. By doing so, improvements are so made in pharmaceutical development and clinical trials.

That description sounds like they don’t even have a business plan or an idea whay their product should be, yet.
I would not touch a stock like this.

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I may be mistaken but from my research it looked like it could have good potential, they’ve been volatile with Brexit and with what the future of the NHS is but currently at a low under £1 a share and having had a rough time for the first year in the market. Things that have happened within the company the past year sound great and if the future of the NHS is good then i wouldn’t doubt they’ll do great that goes with saying that the things secured previously go well and the company pulls in great revenue.