Allstate Corp - Insurance

Had a look to see if Allstate Insurance was on the app to invest in and couldn’t see it, so thought might be worth a request/vote to see what folks think?

Seriously, one of the largest insurance companies in the USA and nobody’s interested?? :slightly_frowning_face:

I think the problem is that you did not sell it enough. I just see a name and insurance, that’s not enough for me to do anything. Describe why you want it, what it does or copy an article about the company if you want.
Maybe PE, dividend information etc. :slight_smile:

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True, suppose I did just fire it on in a hurry thinking most would either look it up or know what they did. I’ll try find a good all round article for them to post later on :+1:

Edit - Some info added to primary request as suggested :grinning: