Alpha Healthcare Acquisition (AHAC)

Humacyte are a bioengineering company within the field of regenerative medicine including universal bioengineered human implants, due to merge with AHAC.

Lots of use cases - no need for immunosuppressants for patients. Big market size, few competitors:

Clinical-stage biotechnology platform company with multiple potential products

  • Universally implantable: no need for donor tissue matching or a lifetime of immunosuppression.
  • Off-the-shelf: eliminate waiting time for donor tissue or the need to harvest tissue through surgical excision of the patient often dealing with existing morbidity.
  • Highly resistant to infection: based on evidence from clinical trials to date.
  • Regenerative and self-healing: expected to transform into the patient’s own tissue by repopulating with the patient’s own cells and undergoing angiogenesis.