AMA with Avinash Rugoobur, President & Chief Strategy Officer of Arrival

Hi everyone

It’s almost time for our next video AMA, and we’re very excited about this one.

We’ll be chatting to Avinash Rugoobur, President & Chief Strategy Officer of Arrival, early next week.

Arrival is a UK-headquartered electric vehicle maker which went public via a SPAC with CIIG Merger Corp last year.

The company is set to complete its merger and list as $ARVL on the Nasdaq later this month.

Arrival also recently announced a zero-emissions bus trial with First Group and unveiled its electric van which will take to the roads this summer:

Ahead of our chat with Avinash next week, which we’ll record and share afterwards, we’re taking questions from the community, and we’ll prioritise the most-liked questions.

Drop your questions below for our call with Avinash by 14th March :point_down:

Update: here’s the AMA call, thanks for your questions!

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This is a huge AMA, thanks very much Freetrade!!

@Freetrade_Team when is this? Maybe best to put something in the title :slight_smile:


Hi @AJHY, good point.

We’ll be chatting to him early next week, so I’ve updated this post with a deadline on the end of this week for questions we’ll ask during our call.


Do you think Arrival would have listed in London instead of New York if SPAC rules were a level playing field?


This is an amazing get. Looking forward to the interview!


Thanks Freetrade for making this happen, hopefully the first of many!

I have two questions for Mr Rugoobur:

  1. How confident is Arrival of achieving higher than average margins using micro-factories? While I appreciate the production process is unique, how can you eliminate the various costs that come with this approach (say, administering 10 microfactories seems like it will be more difficult than administering one large one) without the economies of scale your competitors will have? Your advantages like no metal stamping, paint shop, automation all seem very compatible with larger facilities, and surely there is a (operational as well as a financial) limit on how many factories can be built simultaneously?

  2. Its nice to see your ethos to vehicle longevity with upgradeable components and recyclability. How easy is the recycling process - will you be doing it all in-house (ie. receiving EoL parts and making yourself new panels)? And I guess following on from that are you open to licensing your composite technology?

  1. A lot of recent EV SPACs have been understandably criticised for going public long before they are ready to generate revenue. When do you expect the first sales revenues to start registering at Arrival?
  2. What is your approach to battery cell supply and how secure is this? Is it LG Chem to supply the cells to be assembled into packs in house at Arrival or something else?

Second the question about battery cells.

Arrival has been targeting vertical integration of the product from what can be found in the media.

Could you, please, share your view on the current battery landscape? Where will your batteries be produced? How is your cost per kWh stands compared to the industry average in 2020 ( ~$157/ kWh)


Some interesting designs here…

How do feel they will be accepted by the general public? I presume these are prototypes.

I can see you are planning on launching a social distancing bus, how will this work in practice and still be profitable at the same time?


I like their product range but also thinking is social distancing really worth taking into consideration? Its a once in a lifetime event and potentially an extra cost/production difficulty to the manufacturing process that isn’t really worth adding.
Not knocking the importance of the whole virus issues but do think some companies are investing in precautions that wont ever be used whilst being a cost burden long term.


Great questions, I’ll add a couple myself too.

Alot of companies are very keen to support the roll out of electric vehicles but what are your company doing to work with network operators and or developers to improve the roll out of the necessary infrastructure to further support the growth of electric vehicles?

Can you make a camper version of your electric van? :wink:


Thanks for fielding questions and great timing with Industry 4.0.

I don’t have any questions specifically for Arrival but I was wondering how long you think consumers will have to wait until micro factories become small enough to replace the local mechanic with a small robot workshop that has machine learned how to replace suspensions assuming that this is possible and thus inevitable? Related, is whether you think micro-factories will lead to open source designs led by well funded foundations acting on behalf of logistic companies?

Also, in general, I am wondering why deep tech companies avoid crowd funding. I didn’t see Arrival go this route, so maybe you have an opinion. It seems that genuine companies (not the badly thought through ones) that do go to the crowd raise millions in seconds/minutes (Freetrade, Revolut, Monzo, What3Words, Nothing, etc). I would have thought that Arrival could have raised 10 million+ in no time.


Do we have an updated date on this, please?

May be a blog post about Arrival if you have time before the event


The interview has dropped!


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