An Honest Critique of FreeTrade

A lot of people have been talking about T212 with reference to hot stocks. Last week it wasn’t possible to buy Argo Blockchain on T212, orders were just not clearing for any size trade.

Meanwhile on FT my trades went through immediately…in what was 2nd hottest stock on the LSE last week!


You had previously mentioned that assets are held separately, but this isn’t what you sign up for when you make an account and that isn’t guaranteed. This is stated in their terms and conditions.


When you pay with a card of any sort the recieving party (merchant) usually pays a fee, so it’s likely that t212 is not actually money on this “commission” but merely trying to offset a loss.

Bank transfers / open banking don’t have a fee associated with it, hence there is no comission on that.

Bank transfers do have a fee associated with them. Many businesses, in particular, those running payment schemes, pay for inbound Faster Payments. So there is a cost to that but much lower.

Whether T212 pay is something I don’t know but like you say with cards, there is a great misconception that inbound bank transfers also do not have fees associated with them.

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