Any ETFs on Eastern Time?

I think we do not have any ETF’s listed on the Freetrade which operates on US Eastern Standard Time (EST) Zone. Worth looking it on urgent basis to add listing of ETFs which can be operated on US Time Zone.

US etfs cannot be traded in the EU. So no chance they will be added.

Understand. Thanks. Do we have any UK/EU ETFs listed in US? or is that not possible either. Sorry for the questions but i’ve just started exploring more about ETF’s.

Nope. European and UK listings only. Trade during Euro/UK market hours only.

Do you mean they are not available on Freetrade or not available at all?

Both. Most US funds don’t publish documents that are necessary per EU legislation.

Question is why UK/ETFs not listed in US?

They ARE available via OTHER platforms under the EU Experienced investor self certification rules.
But on FT they are not available.
If FT care to change that = unknown

Thanks Finki. very useful info.