Ark invest cathie wood. [Marked for deletion]

Any chance to add ark etf?

Nope. The forum search could have answered this faster.


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Why don’t you search it on the commuity forum instead of creating a new thread and just replying with a thumbs down?

You will see that it’s not FT’s fault, its the LAW. It is illegal for FT to add Ark.

P.S. One of the ark ETFs is compliant through a third party, but that has REALLY high costs. It is not worth it and I don’t know any platforms able to access it through this third party.

Its his first time posting guys, go easy.


Thanks for the warm welcome!!! Won’t be coming back here that’s for sure, just a bunch of arsey jobsworths

I didn’t realise, my bad.

I just didn’t think the thumbs down reply was appropriate, but I might have been too harsh. Apologies, it caught me a bit annoyed.


Welcome to the community, yes people are right you can search to see if a topic has been created. Don’t worry I have and still do make duplicate threads!

Anything else you’d like to see different in FT?


It was just a thumbs down to the nitty gritty details about the reasons why. I hold no animosity to FT. Next time I will search before posting :+1:


The reason is that FT (and any other UK platform for retail investors) can only provide ETFs that are UCITS compliant, and Arks ETFs are not.
The ETFs that are compliant tend to have UCITS in their name and need to include a Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

Basic info:

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Welcome Josh :+1:

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The team is working on a new way to request stocks for anyone who has missed.


As an alternative - many of the components of the ARK funds are available on the platform so with free trading and fractional shares, you could always replicate by buying the largest companies

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