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Yes you can do that, in an ISA there aren’t any tax implications even if you made a big profit



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Find most American stocks aren’t on time as much if should be paid today probably get Monday now :thinking::roll_eyes:

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Thank you.

Can anyone throw some light on NB Global and what is actually happening please

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But aren’t all investments the same. Could go up or you could lose it all. So if im just a newb i can’t buy anymore?

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Not all investments are the same in terms of complexity. Take Finsbury Growth & Income Trust as an example. It’s aimed at retail investors and holds stocks like Diageo, Mondelez and Sage. These are easy to understand businesses, which sell alcohol, snacks and accounting software respectively.

On the other hand, NBMI is specifically intended for professional, advised or institutional investors. It invests in things like stressed credit, collateralised loan obligation debt tranches and private corporate loans which are more difficult for the average investor to understand.

A suitability questionnaire must be put in place before anyone can be allowed to buy more. This needs to happen to protect FT as well as its customers. If an investor loses money on a complex product that they should never have been offered, FT could be liable if it didn’t carry out appropriate checks.


Hey guy’s and girls
I’ve got a couple of quid to invest today and was looking at… Tescos. Vodafone and royal mail has anyone got any negative comments about these 3 as my last investment (boohoo) is a little bit crap qll help and comments appreciated :+1:

Do you have anything positive to say about them?
Besides their horrendous performance over the last years (or in general), they’re legacy companies whose business models have been eroding or eroded. Not sure why’d you want to invest in that?
Just buy an ETF.

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I would recommend that you do some research about the three companies you mention and then if you are not sure go to the correct Topic e.g. Royal Mail (RMG) 📮 💌 - Share Chat to ask some specific questions. I would also be careful about what you read on these forums especially by people who have bought in to a stock. This is the internet after all - you have no idea who these people are and what their level of competence is.

Learn more about investing through Learn about investing with Freetrade’s guides and by going to some of the sources in The ultimate list of investing books, podcasts and blogs v2 💡.

Oh and @SebReitz’s suggestion to buy a general index ETF is good advice. But first read more about that too - as there is much to be aware of. The links before will also help you understand ETFs. For additional information see for example Passive Investors - ETF Portfolio Discussion.


Does anybody know of any new startup companies that re on freetrade to invest in. I want to start getting in on the ground floor of new enetrprises like this one.

I think we all would Emmett, unfortunately I believe the rules exclude us from promoting/advising on this forum. Particularly if it doesn’t end well.
All the best my friend.

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Once a company registers on a stock exchange, I really wouldn’t consider them a startup anymore. So, you likely won’t be finding any on freetrade. But there are other platforms for early-stage/crowdfunding, e.g. crowdcube or seedrs. But these investments carry high risks and you should be expecting to lose all your invested money realistically.


Just something I cant get my head around… when you place a basic order for shares in pre-market and say the current share price is showing at $1 but has gone up by 30 cents in the pre-market, are you paying $1 per share at market open, or whatever the current price will be at market open? Hope that makes sense.

Whatever the current price is of course. Since nobody will be selling for $1.

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To add to that as well, basic orders set when the market is closed will also execute at a set time after the market opens. 10am or after for UK stocks, 3pm or after for US ones.

Just for clarification - for anyone reading this in future - and to avoid confusion: you are not placing an order in pre-market. The price you have mentioned and have seen is for people who have the ability to trade in pre-market opening hours.

The Freetrade service: your order will be placed as @JimmyJ has said at a specific time during the next normal open session of the market.

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Does the switch from £ to $ look correct here? I don’t think so?



£1828 in USD is not $4107?

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Rough calculation tells me it is correct. The pound has weakened from around 1.29 to 1.13 in the time you have had the shares. Your dollar loss is real. Your pound loss shows you the effect of the currency movement in your favour.

If you are still not convinced or you want confirmation of this, email or ping support in the app if your subscription allows it.