Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust (USA)

Yeah. Really like to see USA on the platform.

thanks. it holds some positions in some popular stocks and even better some unlisted ones which we can’t get access to at the moment like Lyft.

Keen to see this added also - performed well since you posted so well spotted! Great trust from a well regarded management house.


Yes very well. Freetrade do have Scottish mortgage trust On the platform. managed by Baillie Gifford.
This has done well also.

Seriously disappointed - now available but only on plus!

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Which seems odd as I understand that it is a FTSE 350 constituent.

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Possibly an error, and worth flagging as it does seem to be in the FTSE 250.

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We’ll check it out.

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Hey thanks for flagging this one. It’s actually just recently (start of September) been promoted to the FTSE 250 so you’re right that it should be in the Free universe.

We’ve been working on the Plus stocks for a while and this promotion passed us by. We’re just cross-checking these promotions now and will get this changed so you can invest in USA.

Apologies for the confusion!


Fantastic news! Thank you for the quick response. Many thanks also to Andrewjh & Jspen.

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Starts in 20 minutes

I can’t make it unfortunately

I just saw you already posted it a few days ago @J4ipod94 :+1:

I just signed up to their email as well so I can get notified of them in the future

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I missed it too but I’m sure there will be recording in due course