[Beta] Penny 💰 Feedback & Discussion

Update: the bot told me on Sunday it would take 3-5 days to find my pensions, then messaged me on Tuesday saying it was making great progress.

It now seems to be unresponsive, and has not yet found any of my pensions.

@tomcoburn87 any ideas?

How is this different from the “official” government service found at Pension Tracking Service Gov.UK? Besides being a FB Bot? What is your target audience? I a millennial and I cannot think of any of my friends who would trust sending private information/data on a online bot. Especially a FB bot. Everyone uses FB to share photos of cats not NINO or HMRC data, especially seeing that the information and the online gov.uk services are quite easy to use and a lot of information is already on the gov.uk website.

Also the website does not contain any information on the company or person that is behind this product. So I am quite skeptic :thinking: this is a real product. Looks more like a scam :smiling_imp: to get hold of people’s personal information

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I got sent “.” at 4:25am on Tuesday

Hi guys, thanks for all your feedback and for testing the product :slightly_smiling_face:

A couple of people have asked how Penny works. In short, we ask for some basic info (name, DOB, NI and a previous employer), and then contact various pension schemes to ask if you have a pension with them, and then we get back to you in-app to give you the info.

Currently it’s mostly a manual backend (so that’s why we’re only in beta), and we’re hoping to automate it in coming weeks/months and then release at scale.

Hope that answers all your questions and once again appreciate your time testing Penny out. As an early-stage startup your comments (even criticisms - ESPECIALLY criticisms) are what we need. Cheers.

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