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Can we add bionano genomics (BNGO)?

This was an inspired request as it has more than doubled since you requested it!!

Please add ASAP, window of opportunity depleting as time goes on!

BioNano Genomics Inc

+1 ASAP please!


Please. It’s already on trade 212 and etoro

Why is this still not on?

This stock was at 1 dollar when I requested now it’s at 7 dollars plus :broken_heart:

Please could you add this Freetrade team

Hi Freetrade, can you please add this stock? Thank you!

Hi, any reason why this isn’t on yet? Got marked as complete on the forum but still not on the app. I’m a big fan of Freetrade but the time it takes some stocks to be available on the app is just too long!

Someone needs to fill in a request.

Any news on this stock?

Doesn’t look like it’s available on DriveWealth yet… therefore it’s not on FT yet. If you see it appear on another DriveWealth ‘partner’ app then it’ll turn up on FT shortly after. :wink:

This will go high

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Genomics is set to grow exponentially as an industry. There are several sub categories within this industry including consumer genomics, agrigenomics, digital cytogenomics.

Bionano Genomics (BNGO) revenues are due to explode in years to come. Analysts predicting over 100% + upside in the next 12 months. With an overall rating of buy/ strong buy.

I’ve been covering this company for around 6 months, it’s gone from $0.50 to $15.69, but I believe in 5-8 years we will see the full scope and bigger picture in terms of global adoption for their saphyr machine/ increased sales/ increased revenue.

They currently are being used by some russell group/ major research institutions and hospitals like Kings College Hospital London/ Harvard University. Several russell group universities actually use the Saphyr. I’ve been buying each week as soon as my paycheck hits. Price prediction is $100/ share in 5-8 years.

Not financial advice:


Love your coverage @MR_INVEST_ALOT its what convinced me to get involved!

Thoughts on this stock now?