Bluefield plc - BSIF - Share chat

This trust targets the acquisition of solar infrastructure and manage a diversified portfolio of solar energy throughout the UK. The fund aims to provide long-term stable yield.

So a good long term prospect, right? Look at their history and the potential for growth seems a great investment.

Any reason as to why the sudden drop in price?

Not sure. It was a very high volume day with much more shares traded than usual. Suggests a big holder exiting their position. Nothing fundamental from what I can see.

BSIF added to the list that FT consider to be complex investments so can no longer buy, only hold or sell.
Shame, one of my few stocks in the green and was paying a good dividend


Can anyone give clarity on why this stock has been pulled and why I can no longer buy more? What exactly is a complex investment?

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I tend to agree on BSIF and do not understand why they fall into this category and will have to review further.,Nil%20paid%20rights.%20...%208%20Structured%20products.%20

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I too would like to know the rationale behind the decision to suspend purchasing of shared in this.

see NB Global Monthly Income Fund - NBMI - Share Chat - #48 by bitflip

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After a few emails back and forth with FT, I’m no further ahead in understanding why this stock has been deemed a “complex investment”, other than ‘… cos it is’


That’s a shame, it would be good to gain a fuller understanding. I wonder if it’s based on a given investment trust’s KID. BSIF’s, for example, does say:

The Fund is not primarily targeted at retail investors. The Shares are intended for sophisticated investors and private clients who understand and are willing to assume the risk of capital loss and understand that there may be limited buyers for the underlying investments of the Fund and who have sufficient resources to be able to bear losses (which may equal the whole amount invested).

NESF’s doesn’t seem as clear cut which may be why that’s still available. NBMI’s KID says something similar to BSIF’s and that was part of the cull too.

Edit: I think this may be it, there definitely appears to be a pattern. IHR’s KID says it’s only for ‘professionally advised or knowledgeable retail investors’ as do the KIDs for VOF and APAX.

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