Renewables Infrastructure Trusts

I think it’s high time Free Trade included other London Main Market renewable/energy transition equities/infrastructure trusts:

Downing Renewables Infrastructure Trust plc (DORE)
Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF)
Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure (TEEC)
Gore Street Energy Storage Fund PLC (GORE)

This will complement those already included including Octopus, Foresight, Greencoat UK wind and SDCL Energy Efficiency.

There has been a request thread going for a few years now for Gore Street fund, don’t think the rest have been requested.

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Some of these may constitute complex instruments. BSIF was available on FT until relatively recently, for example, but it has had to be withdrawn.

FT would need to add a suitability questionnaire before allowing clients to buy complex products, and it seems like it has no plans to introduce such checks. More details can be found in the thread below.

I’d guess that’s what’s stopping FT adding GSF. It doesn’t make much sense while GRID is on the platform, considering that it seems to be traded on the LSE’s Specialist Fund Segment.

Unfortunately, FT doesn’t yet offer LSE-listed securities in currencies other than GBP/GBX, so that would rule out GRP for now as it’s traded in EUR.

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Thank you both for posting. It’s my first post here and trying to figure out how everything works. Interesting reading on the suitability assessments - a really important part of the controls FT would have to employ.

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