❌[Request] Chenavati Toro income fund - TORO ❌

Save me buying it on Hargreaves Lansdown 13.94% dividend (excluding specials). Discount to NAV 26%
debt structured finance sector investment trusts.


And passed dividend payments. Note the extremely large special dividends which are not included in headline Dividend.

I think I’m right in saying FT doesn’t offer access to LSE securities in currencies other than GBP/GBX and, unfortunately, TORO’s listed in EUR.

TORO also trades on the Specialist Fund Segment which FT doesn’t offer. TFIF, which is in the same AIC sector, is on FT and may be an alternative.

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You are indeed correct.

They are both in the same specialist fund sector so FT does offer it?
Thanks anyway.

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TFIF actually trades on the main LSE market, unlike TORO, which is why that one’s available on FT.

According to the Investors’ Chronicle article below, Freetrade has prioritised offering more mainstream trusts as SFS ones tend to be less appropriate for most private investors.

That said, I think GRID trades on the SFS and is on the platform so it may not be a dealbreaker. Hopefully, more can be added. I’m interested in MNTN and one of the digital infrastructure trusts.

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