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This firm is an energy transportation services company with a fleet of tanker vessels that carry crude oil and petroleum products worldwide.

Did anyone even ask for this ?

It’s a dividend spin off from castor maritime.

Do people have to ask for shares to be added?

Have to vote but just seems the ones with high votes are ignored

US TORO snow ploughs and sprinklers

Freetrade need to look closer at the ticker

TORO Investment trust in the debt sector

That’s the incorrect one. It’s not currently listed on HL.

This is the correct one:

The TORO I have supplied from Hargreaves Lansdowne is on Hargreaves Lansdowne?
The TORO I put into discover on freetrade comes up as a snow plow and sprinklers

thats NYSE.TTC Toro co, not NASDAQ.TORO Toro Crop

Thats LON.TORO Chenavari Toro Income Fund not NASDAQ.TORO Toro Crop

A confusing choice of name as the Toro company (with the red logo) has been around for years. Currently owned by Vanguard Group Inc.
I’ve used many Toro professional lawnmowers. Great machines!

Freetrade need to do their homework and use the correct logo!

Wonder Sirius - One of the eight vessels owned by Toro Corp.

On ÂŁtoro or $ttc? The latter is correct

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The bull horn logo is the correct one for Toro corp. Freetrade are currently using the $TCC block red ® Toro company logo on the app.

I am aware of that.
If you put TORO into discover you get a firm that supplies snow plows and sprinklers.
So if they are offering a TORO, discover should bring up the one they have offered?

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Toro Company (TCC) takes out a law suit against Toro Corp (TORO) about the name. Mr Panagiotidis didn’t think that one through.

its likely not available to people who didn’t own the previous company yet…

Another Toro Corp vessel, the Wonder Bellatrix

I think its deliberate the name, to confuse investors. The castor maritime owner is supposedly a crook that has diluted the shares 29000%…there is a petition by americns to have it looked into. The company makes great profit, keeps buying new vessels and gets money from leasing them… but share price is lower and no dividend.
Will see how toro goes…

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