[Request] ThomasLloyd Energy Impact Trust PLC (TLEI)

Can this please be added?

title updated

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Bump - great to get this added

This may qualify as a ‘complex product’ which can’t be added until a suitability check is in place. It also looks like TLEI is in USD. FT isn’t yet able to add USD LSE stocks but there is a GBX version, TLEP.

It’s an interesting trust though because it’s different from most of the other renewable energy infrastructure options out there due to its focus on Asia.

Not my cup of tea currently due to the premium, hefty fee, short track record and relatively high risk. It’s also concentrated in solar and two countries, India and the Philippines.

But I could be tempted if it branches out into more countries and diversifies into transmission infrastructure, energy storage etc as intended. I’ll wait and see until the capital’s fully deployed.