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Invesco Solar ETF (TAN)

iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN)

Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF (PBW)

Does anyone know how I can get into buying shares in aeromine technologies?

Out of interest, what is the difference between ICLN and INRG? One i think is listed on the LSE (INRG) and the other NAS? Are they both the same thing though?

Tbh I have no idea I just seen the top 5 best renewables and these came up and I couldn’t find them.

As for the last one that’s just a buisnes I’m interested in there was a couple of others making good progress as well but I think they maybe at the earily stages and I’m not sure how their being funded for now, but their products are in action already getting tested out on companies roofs etc

Unfortunately, it looks like all three of these are US-listed ETFs which FT won’t be able to add because they don’t comply with EU regulations on disclosures etc.

However, as @mattgee points out, some UTICS equivalents, such as INRG, are available.

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Ahh thank you, I was basically trying to find some decent renewable etfs to add to my stock list this year. I will maybe have to do more digging. Thanks

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No worries. You can find a list of clean energy ETFs below. It’s also worth considering investment trusts. The AIC link below lists the renewable energy infrastructure options.

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Thanks for the share, I will take a look.

See what I’m finding hard is finding a good AI stock for the UK everytime I see a good eft for it or energy it seems to be usa only.

You don’t happen to know any do you? I tried that site but it won’t allow me to add AI in.

Sure, the link below should do the trick.

The ETFs which explicitly mention AI in their titles aren’t available on FT and likely can’t be added (ROAI isn’t listed in GBP/GBX and BOTG is too small at £1m).

RBTX and ROBG are both on the platform and they’re much more liquid. Whether they’re any good or not, I couldn’t say as I tend to avoid these types of thematic ETFs.

It seems like a no-brainer: clean energy and AI are the future, so I should buy a corresponding ETF. But, in reality, just because something’s the next big thing, doesn’t mean the model will make money.

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Thank you. I will look into the 2 companies that are on FT. Yes AIs already here but as a kid they were already trying it in movies etc, or faking house robots and at that time it was mostly a dream but right now it’s a reality.

I read about AI when I was 10 or so and then when I built a robot with the real robots magazine.

The fact that AI right now has a hand in creating movies, games, art music etc it’s went from being tested to injected with steroids in the last few years.

Its also annoying how you can’t just buy straight into AI not like robotics that use AI or tech that uses AI although I don’t mind those as well, I’d rather like buy into a computer science company that’s developing the AI in the first place before it’s implemented to the tech industry/robotics etc

Thanks again :slight_smile: