Buying advice needed $BODY

Hi there I’m looking for some general advice on shares. Back when $BODY appears on Freetrade I bought some shares, not a lot about £20 or so.

Since then the share price has tanked, like down 70-75%. Seems to be holding steady at the current market price.

Should I hold on and hope it climbs back up. Or cut my losses, as I said not much, and sell. Then re purchase at the current lower rate?

Hey @Sharpened_Stick this isn’t really the platform to ask and receive investing advice, and I imagine there will be few people willing to give it. Conversation about business fundamentals and why a stock price may be moving is a different matter.

I’m afraid I know nothing about Beachbody so can’t help you myself, but I’m sure there are others on here who would be happy to chat!


@markrc makes a good point so please don’t consider this advice but a useful free tool (SimplyWallStreet) gives a nice quick visual position of companies and yours shows as

While these tools are not always uptodate it seems as though this company is high risk and a long term view of any progress should be taken considering it is not even profitable yet.


No point selling them if you are just going to buy them back, That will lose you money on the spread.

You need to research if there is a real reason why it would climb back up, for example are they closer to turning a profit? do they have some great new product? etc.

Hanging on and hoping for the best is not usually a good tactic, is there something better you could invest in with the money if you sold them now?


Cheers, I’ll take a look at this app. Any tools that can help a “yet another idiot” become a little less of an idiot is helpful.

For the lay person, trying to figure out where to look for information on a stock has been one of my bigger challenges, closely followed by what to look for.

Totally fair comment. More importantly I was wondering if the sell and rebut was a sensible approach vs holding the stick or just selling and a generalised concept using Beachbody as the example stock.

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Everyday is a school day, don’t worry about it. It is good to keep learning new things.