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Calnex Solutions PLC
London Stock Exchange

Pls add Calnex. It’s growing rapidly in the network testing technology, specially as 5g is going to roll out.

Provides test and measurement services to the global telecoms industry. These solutions allow its customers to validate the performance of telecom-network infrastructure.

A key driver of future growth for the business will be the rollout of 5G mobile networks. 5G infrastructure needs to be more stable than 3G and 4G as it will support more services and the “internet of things” as well as applications such as driverless cars. Connectivity therefore needs to be extremely secure and with that comes a growing need for Calnex’s testing instruments and solutions.

Customers include blue-chip telecom and internet infrastructure firms such as Vodafone, Google, and Cisco. The business has grown sales from £8.4m to £13.7m in just three years.

Is there a reason this one still hasn’t been added yet? There must be a reason! One of the highest quality UK small caps along with BOTB and CBOX - which also are yet to be added despite having £100m+ market caps!

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Yes… please add this and other UK small caps!