Canada Nickel Corp (CNC.CN)

CEO Mark Selby claims he already has the 11th largest Nickel Sulphide deposit from less than 20% of the structure that they are exploring.

260Mt with a higher-grade core running through the middle. And he claims they have an accelerated timeframe planned to get in to production. A PEA will be out in the next 3-4 months and then a Feasibility Study by the end of 2021. Canada Nickel Corp have hopes to time this Nickel cycle right and therefore be able to fund the project in to production off the back of the Feasibility Study.

Key take-outs are:

  • This is a large project - elephant hunting territory - which is attractive to large Nickel majors
  • The Nickel Resource has been added for only $1 per ton. Many projects cost spend $1,000 per ton to add to their resource.
  • The PEA will be out in 3-4 months. Investors can understand the economics at this point.
  • The grade is relatively good and the company hopes to be able to mine a higher-grade core first to deliver a higher return in the earlier years.
  • It’s a Nickel Sulphide project which is preferred because the of significantly lower capex compared to Hpal projects required for Nickel Laterite.

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