Canadian National Railway (CNI) - Share Chat

It would be great to see CN added to Freetrade when Canadian companies are available!

Now that Royal Bank of Canada is on FT, could we see a few more Canadian companies added to the universe that are on the NYSE through drive wealth?:raised_hands:t2:

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Done! Any thoughts about the company?

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Cheers Victor, much appreciated!! Really happy to see CNI on Freetrade!!

Excellent weekend read from FreeTrade on this! Anyone jumped on board :stuck_out_tongue:


When the market pulls back I’ll be buying for sure😆

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I’m currently in this domain

I have some to invest, and have been eyeing HSBC for example, not having recovered as per other shares. But questioning how big / when / for how long, the pull back will be once the world takes stock of the impact of furlough, lack of output etc…

What are your thoughts?
I do realise everything is speculative

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I wish I had a crystal ball as that would be nice and easy! It’s impossible to predict when a drop could occur so I’m just positioning myself ready for when it happens.

Plenty of cash ready to go, analysis of all of the companies & a target price for each of them. From now it’s just a waiting game - just got to stay patient.

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Some of the fundamentals look decent:

Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 17.29.07

However, do you have confidence it can outperform a simple S&P 500 investment?

Over five years, it performed only 3.06% better than the S&P 500:
Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 17.30.50


Great question! Overall I’m confident that over the long term (20 years+) with dividends reinvested they will outperform. It comes down to what price I am able to buy them at to what return I will get. From my DCF analysis I’d need a 24% drop to get to my intrinsic value and consider buying for a return I’m happy with - that’s not including my margin of safety either.


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