Canadian TSX and TSXV listings

Hi, it would be good to see some TSX Venture aka TSX-V listed companies on the app. In particular when it comes to junior mining companies, loads of exciting projects are listed here, and it would be great to be able to invest in them. Will this be possible?

I agree. I’d quite like to see Vital Hub Corp (TSXV:VHI).

They are a medical tech company and post COVID-19 healthcare is changing! Although Vital Hub is a Canadian company they have customers internationally and are currently pursuing an aggressive M&A plan having made two separate UK acquisitions last month!

I have just looked at this again. Shame that Vital Hub Corp were not available, their share price has increased massively. Were you able to find a way of investing in this company as Freetrade did not add it?

Unfortunately no! I’m just starting out and only had a smallish amount to invest. I had a bit of a look at the time but brokers and taxes and exchange rates and blah…

I ended up going with a few ETFs and a bit of couple of Apple shares.