Cassava Sciences - SAVA

Biotech company working on a drug for Alzheimer’s with strong results in their clinical trials.

I can’t believe this has not been added yet this company has had an incredible run this week. I made a request on that request new stock form today.


Yeah it was about $5 a share when I requested it :broken_heart: $126 now

This is too painful mission on a run from 5 to 126! FreeTrade please add the stock!!!

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Cassava sciences INC

Concerning news of late making this highly risky

This is driving me nuts. I got in at $61. Losing my mind. Anyone know anything?

Another one I jumped onto at the wrong time :roll_eyes:

SEC investigation, better off out of this one now imo

8% up today all ready though :thinking:

Fine if folks can live with the volatility! Serious questions about the underlying science and company transparency.

Right now the best investment case seems to be: ‘the FDA will approve anything in Alzheimers’!

I hope so mate, I need something, I’m down on most of my stocks :sob:

Wow what a drop :open_mouth:

Wonder if it’s to late to add more on this :thinking: