CGT Allowance

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Can anyone explain me if the CGT of tax free allowance is over and above the personal tax allowance of £12,570?

Recently some of my shares have been moved to GIA from ISA due to regulatory compliance issues?

Those shares are trading at 50% loss and I need to invest in GIA to bring it to a break-even and sell it with a minor gain if possible.

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It is in addition to the £12,570 allowance. Above the CGT allowance amount, taxation is based on the income band you’re in.

Thanks. I am under the 20% band then any gain from sale of shares need to shown or need not if the gains are below the CGT threshold?

If under CGT allowance: no declaration necessary.

Note that you don’t need to reinvest those particular shares in a GIA. You want to “recover” your loss - but you don’t have to invest in the same shares. The point should be how do you increase the overall value of your portfolio?" not “how do you recover the value of some particular share?”. Those shares may not ever recover in value, or as I said elsewhere, may take a very long to recover. So perhaps you should consider think:ing: “where is the best place to invest my money to ‘recover’ the loss that I experienced”.


Thanks for enlightening me. I will find some good share and invest to recover the loss.