China Delisting and HK Exchange availability

Hi there. A constant threat among some investors is the delisting of Chinese ADRs on the US exchange. The simplest solution here is for brokers to offer the option to switch shares of the US ADRs to the HK exchange (so BABA would change to 9988). However, Freetrade doesnโ€™t currently offer the HK exchange on the platform.

No ADRs will be delisted until December 2023 at the earliest, as they need to refuse to cooperate for three years running.

So, given that, can the Freetrade team advise on whether they will have access to HK exchange by 2023? And, if so, would you look to switch the tickers from BABA to 9988 if the worst does happen and the ADR ends up being delisted?

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As far as Iโ€™m aware conversion isnโ€™t actually a conversation. They just sell your ADR shares and buy ordinary shares for you. Freetrade donโ€™t offer that kind of service (which usually costs a fee), and if everything was available Iโ€™m not sure theyโ€™d sell your ADR shares without your permission.

Your best option is to work on the information available now, not what might or might not exist in a years time.