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And it’s here :boom:

I’ll close this topic to return everyone’s votes to them.

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Shares up. Guess any bad news was priced in

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Dangerous times.

I got one as a free share in August - it’s now down 75%


There’s a guy on YouTube that dropped 15k on Cineworld at the top, the only stock in their portfolio.

I like a gamble, but that’s too much for me.


Proper YOLO move!

Anyone gonna take the risk and invest in Cineworld during the crash?

Just posted this elsewhere…

But I couldn’t touch it after today.

146% day. Well some… traders… made some quick money too.

So far, COVID is a horror story for Cineworld.

In a worst-case scenario, they would lose two to three months’ worth of revenues due to cinema closures. That might lead it to breaching its lending covenants, casting doubt over its ability to continue trading.

Is anyone a contrarian investor, still invested in this company?

I’m thinking about buying a load of Cineworld stocks shortly as per Motley’s recommendation. What does everyone think? Currently at 72p or shall I go for the Restaurant group?
Thank you :blush:

My thoughts are, I wouldn’t touch either with a barge pole. Particularly at current prices.

But if your own research makes them an attractive investment for your portfolio, all the best.


One thing I’d say is that The Motley Fool is the equivalent of The Sun/Daily Star etc. Entertaining to read but most of it is devoid of any solid research. If you want to buy any stocks, please don’t rely on the Fool to inform your choices.


Thank you both so much for your responses! I’ve only been using Freetrade since last August. I’m doing ok so far but I need to educate myself. I have today 1k to invest. What do you both suggest?
I did have my doubt about Motley. I get 10 emails a day from them!! :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Do your research.
Apps like Genuine Impact and websites like Stockopedia, ADVFN and Sharecast offer good info.
For solid reliable news use websites like BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg.
Everyone has different goals and targets when investing, asking for recommendations is a risky business. Are you after short term gain or a long term investment? ETF’s are good for the latter but not so good for the former. Just read. And read. And read. Before you put any money in.
I have asked in the past for recommendations for reliable blogs/tipsters over exact shares, but there was little response.

Imagine asking for a tip in this forum, and recieving recommendations off someone who has some sort of stake in the short term fluctuation of the recommended stock?
Scrutinize any tips, the source of the tips and why that tip has been made.
PS- i’m not an expert. But i’m an avid learner.

So with that £1k? I’d spend £150 on books :slight_smile:


Take £20 of your £1000 and buy Smarter Investing by Tim Hale. Then you can decide where to invest the remaining £980.