Clim8 crowdfunding

People’s thoughts on this, has anyone invested?


Thanks for posting this - I hadn’t noticed it on Crowdcube yet.

I took a look and it’s not for me. So many of the pitches on Crowdcube and Seedrs have sky high valuations without (in my opinion) any justification. I cannot see how they can justify the £3M+ valuation.

Plus it looks like they are curating their own set of shares for the investments to be made in. I think it’s unlikely they will be able to do a better job in researching & picking successful companies than the established fund managers with all the resources they have available.


Had a look , but I had some concerns come up on my DD that put me off and also agree that valuation is pretty high.
Pre revenue any company looking to give up less than 20% of the equity in my book is over valued. I used to follow John Ason the NY based investor who concentrated on pre revenue start ups until his death late last year and his rules were pretty simple and the 20% was one that was not movable and had seemed to work when looking at balancing risk /reward for founder and investors