Croda International - CRDA 🧪

I have been looking at ESG companies as part of my day job.

Croda has an ESG score of 78 (out of 100) as of February 2020. (source)

It’s one of those businesses you wouldn’t ordinarily know exits or you couldn’t make up (unless you are a chemical engineer).

It’s a speciality chemicals firm. Its aim is to create products and ingredients that improve the quality and performance of its customers products.

For example, an ingredient that creates a high-performance skin cream, better sun protection, or something that allows a farmer to get more crops from a field or a drug or vaccine to work better.

It is also a very good business with high returns. See the profits below.


This has led its shares to become highly valued by the stock market, but it recently went down due to Covid-19.

Anyone holding it or interested to buy?