[Crowdfunding] Chip

Maybe they can do a chip bond next like the Burrito Bond….


I’ve already invested in 4 Chip rounds. I think I’ll sit this one out.

They only took the last lot of money in October last year.


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How poorly projected are they that within 4 months they’re back raising again. Unless this was the plan, which is very odd.

Do we know the new valuation?

£1.79 vs. £1.41 last time. Can’t remember exact valuation. Either it’s great growth or it’s “let’s just keep flogging the horse with free crowdmoney”.


Just milking crowd giving false hope​:flushed::flushed::flushed:

£126M. Invested first 3. Not investing this time as committed elsewhere. You don’t need to invest of course! A VC onboard would be great for all the reasons we know. They are currently targeting user growth / land grab and tracking at between 1-2K new users a day.

This is a good opportunity to bring onboard 1000’s of new brand ambassadors and customers and raise up to £8.5M (I believe this is the number remaining from previous round) to fuel their growth in UK and beyond (announced they will be expanding outside UK).

Revenue and then hopefully profit to follow (no guarantees their approach works of course).

Personally think they are in the best position they have been to succeed.

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Where have you seen that share price? Cant seem to find it

Can confirm there was an email for A shareholders:

Our new share price is £1.79, which represents a 26.95% uplift in the value of your shares since our last valuation in September 2021.


Me and my 178 shares wont be buying a yacht anytime soon

Have faith, Revolut went to the moon :smile:


It can always be worse,look at The Cheeky Panda on Seedrs they raise from the crowd twice a year for the past 4-5yrs. Chip have a magnificent founder Simon Rabin and are doing very well.

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This is a fantastic idea



pretty cool!




Next Chip Alternative Asset goes live tomorrow. Adorning the walls of teenagers bedrooms in the 1990’s.

Would you buy into something like this?

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I do like some alt investments (art etc). But I don’t understand anything about cars, so this is not for me.

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I don’t know much about cars, so I’m asking a couple of friends in the business for their thoughts. Will post here later if they reply.

I’m more looking forward to any Rolex watches they might offer. Now that’s more in my orbit.

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I’m not a ‘car guy’ either but this one did break through. I wonder what the investment returns could be for something like this?

Says average annual return is 4.9%.

Should have said the cost of a ‘share’ is £218, and there are 2000 ‘shares’ available.

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I must congratulate Chip at the moment they really are kicking on over there adversaries Plum/Emma/MD