Crowdfunding round seven, Wed 24th Nov 2021 🎉

You can cancel them individually.

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You can cancel or change the investment under Portfolio as long as you do it before the deadline in the cooling off period.

Ignore the £0.50 fee in this screenshot - that’s them just copying AJ Bell and winding up janky.

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They can give me a job :slight_smile:


£2.5m in 30 minutes. Time for me to rest :slight_smile:

Each one should be a separate cancelable transaction if I remember correct having done it a few years back

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£10+ Investor badge

An Investor R7 badge on your Freetrade profile screen and the community forum.

£100+ Investor app icons

A selection of unique investor app icons for the Freetrade iOS & Android apps, and everything from the previous tier.

£1,000+ Freetrade swag

High-quality, exclusive Freetrade swag: your choice of either a hoodie, pair of socks, and for the first time ever, a Freetrade t-shirt. And everything from the previous tier.

£5,000+ Founding Member

Founding Member badge in the app and the forum, and everything from the previous tier.

£10,000+ Founding member NFT

Freetrade’s exclusive first-ever NFT, and everything from the previous tier.

£25,000+ Founding member plus

Founding Member badge in the app and the forum, dinner with the founding team - and everything from the previous tier!


I didn’t see any ducks at the meet up, diversity includes species!


Anyone know how you get badges from previous rounds?

Great to see New Zealand in the ‘Opportunities’ for expansion! Looking forward to it.


I did this on a previous round.

The invest button didn’t work, and I clicked it three times.

I ended up with three investments.

I cancelled two later on with no problems, and kept the original. It must have been during the cooling off period, although I would have tried to free them up for other people, but as the round closed early it must have been during the cooling off. They then did a mini round later on to fulfill demand (2019 I think).

I can’t guarantee it’ll work for you, but I saw each investment separately and each one had a cancel button. Hopefully other people will have more factual information.

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I think they should have asked people to register their Crowdcube login email id and issued some sort of a personalised link or coupon codes to make sure the links are not used multiple times.

I’m meant to have the Founding Member badge, though not bothered. You could contact Marketing / Sam would probably know. Lots of info here: Contact us | Freetrade

Exciting indeed - then we could have a community meet up here in ‘the land of the long white cloud’!

Still no link, can anyone please DM me a link please ? You can see from my icon I am a previous investor ?

I am ok now, thanks @scudulike

Link sent

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292% overfunded 1406 investors

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Thanks, I found this in the end. Was going to invest £1000 and had the opportunity to round up or down. Was going to go down until I saw the perks. Basically I got my investment plus a hoody for £8!


Anyone got the handy table of previous raises and share prices at each please?

What does “Overfunding” tag on Crowdcube exactly mean? Does that mean FT get to issue shares even above the £1m target and retain the oversubscription?