Currency Funds


Hi, I would be interested in hedging my portfolio against currency movements and it would be good to do so with a currency fund or ETF.

Something like the UBS Currency Allocation Return Strategy or the PIMCO foreign currency strategy.


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Hey Matt :wave: welcome & thanks for this request!

We’ve started exploring ways to enable our users to gain exposure to foreign currencies. For example, we added the iShares $ Ultrashort bond ETF to the app a few weeks ago -

Since this is a dollar Ultrashort fund, investing in this fund could be used as a proxy for investing in US dollars or to guard against the value of pounds falling relative to the dollar.

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However this is not investment advice, please do your own research before making any decisions here..

I’ve moved your post to the #investing-and-markets category because we need to have one post per stock / ETF / trust request so that we can see which particular requests are most popular. But please do request any specific securities that you’re interested in & if anyone else has any suggestions, it’d be great to hear them.