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going into it ?

Dear @sampoullain

Good morning! I am now at my desk, and it is 8 am now, but I didn’t see the option of Deliveroo to purchase from the app, could you please kindly advice this?

Thank you!

Someones keen!


Good morning

Please see my comment above. It is not happening today, and looks like perhaps later this month.

Hardly surprising that Customer Services are overloaded when people can’t be bothered doing 10 seconds of research.


This is in the Deliveroo app, its just pre-registering interest.

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Look in the roblox thread


Thanks :blush:

Questions about linkages with PrimaryBid incoming.

Brace yourself.

PrimaryBid have made an interesting move here with Deliveroo and PensionBee offers.

Causes all the questions previously asked to be asked again.

Very clever, PB, very clever.



Interestingly there’s no mention of signing up with a broker on there.

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Nope. You can dump them straight to a Corporate via Equniti. Simples. £5 trade fee. So about the cheapest you’ll get (barring £0)

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Do this mean we could transfer to freetrade after buying or not?

Yep I’ve been invited to join the PensionBee IPO scheme if/when it happens today. Reckon that would be a good investment.

Very similar to the offer on PensionBee shares from same site.

"Do I need a stockbroking account to use PrimaryBid?

No. If we proceed with our plan to IPO, your PensionBee shares will automatically be settled to PensionBee’s corporate sponsored nominee account (“CSN”). This facility allows shareholders to buy and sell shares when they are admitted to trading and can be a permanent repository for those without stockbroking accounts.

For customers with existing stockbroking accounts, shares can be transferred from PensionBee’s corporate sponsored nominee account for free after admission for a period of 90 days. After that time share transfers will attract a fee of £10. Customers wishing to buy additional PensionBee shares or sell PensionBee shares via the CSN will also incur a fee. There is no customer fee for holding shares in the CSN on an ongoing basis.
Customers have the option to provide PrimaryBid with stockbroking account details during their signup process."

@sampoullain would it be possible to subscribe interest in upcoming IPO’s like deliveroo and pensionbee once live on the app? so if we should deliveroo and pensionbee as a possible investment and opted in to a push notification when live?


Just received the following email .

Deliveroo’s Prospective IPO \ 1x1


Deliveroo is considering becoming a publicly listed company, meaning investors will be able to trade shares in the company on the London Stock Exchange for the first time if Deliveroo does publicly list.

Deliveroo is expecting to make up to £50m of shares available to our customers. \ 1x1

\ 1x1 ## How does it work? \ 1x1

\ 1x1 Eligible customers need a Deliveroo account and to have placed one order.

For more information on this, [click here] for your unique link to the PrimaryBid website and follow the instructions.

To participate, you need to be located and resident in the UK. Please read the risk warnings below.

We anticipate having a maximum of £50m of shares to allocate to customers and, if we are oversubscribed with applications, we will prioritise our most loyal customers first, while still trying to make sure new customers are able to benefit.

If you do want to register your interest, the date on which you do so will not have a bearing on whether you are successful in a future application phase.

Thank you from everyone at Deliveroo \ 1x1

\ 1x1 Primarybid and Deliveroo

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I happened to delete my Deliveroo account on the weekend before they commenced fundraising. I have now opened a new one but have not yet placed an order. Do you think if I place an order that I would be able to invest?

Does anyone know how long is left on this round of funding with PrimaryBid?

Is there an estimate on when Freetrade may be able to add this stock on the app?

Thank you.

I think you’re fine, they still haven’t announced the specific date have they?

“ Deliveroo also announced that it had priced its initial public offering at between £3.90 and £4.60 a share.

The price range values the business, which will be the largest share listing in London in seven years, at between £7.6bn and £8.8bn.”