Five fresh IPOs, 19th March 2021

Happy Friday :tada:

Here are five fresh IPO’s from the past couple of days:

Stock Ticker Universe ISA and SIPP eligible
Sun Country Airlines Holdings, Inc SNCY Free Yes
Olo Inc OLO Free Yes
The Duckhorn Portfolio Inc NAPA Free Yes
Vine Energy Inc VEI Free Yes
Tuya Inc (ADR) TUYA Free No

As always, you can find these on your Discover tab:

Let us know what you think about these IPOs!

Capital at risk


AMTE Power ipo’d last week on LSE. Still not on FT app.

Thank you Sam! Not of interest to me personally but no doubt some will be very pleased indeed about this.

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Hey James

This stock is on the SETsqx trading service.

Often, these stocks can be highly illiquid, causing the quoted prices we receive from the market to fall outside the parameters of our Best Execution Policy.

While you have a number of these stocks on your app already, we are investigating ways of adding even more of them in future, including this one.


Hi Sam thanks for the info.

It would of course be helpful to know about any IPO’s in advance. Especially if Freetrade intends to have them on the app.

Hey @Limeymikey, welcome to the forum :wave:

For sure, yes, we’ll try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible: