Upcoming IPOs 2019

(Abdullahi) #1

Hi guys, i just would like to ask if Freetrade has any plan of adding the new upcoming IPOs in 2019? Also would any of these IPOs added if they launch in 2019? I would really suggest one of these stocks to be added on Freetrade if they launch their IPOs. What you guys think of it.



(Emma) #2

I’d definitely be interested in Slack

A few interesting ones there, think Uber, lyft and Airbnb will be very popular

(Abdullahi) #3

Yh i am defiantly considering to invest in Uber, Lyft,Instacart but not sure about slack need to do more research plus Airbnb i think will not be profitable as their is soo much controversial is going on about it. The legal and safety of the people is risky stock i think. Finally Uber is backed by crown prince of Saudi and more people even bill gate trying to invest (Year ago). So is hot stock.

(Chris) #4

I’m clearly slacking as I’ve never heard of Droom or Crowdstrike. The former sounds like a crossover starring Tommy Wiseau and a portal to hell.