Freetrade & IPOs

As I am new to Freetrade and investing, I was after some clarification. I was wondering does Freetrade ever offer IPO’s or does it lean more toward established in the market companies? I know they are constantly expanding their offerings, but is that just, as above established companies that are brought in?
I’m aware of the risk in capital an IPO can be but I am interested none the less.

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FT do offer IPOs. There is a calendar on the webpage:


They also have dedicated categories for IPOs on Plus:

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Excellent, thank you not sure how I missed that. Think I’d just assumed if there was a list it would be here on the forum.
Appreciate it

I may have seen that and it’s not registered. It’s a little information overload trying to learn everything. Thank you for pointing that out.

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2021 is the year of IPO’s

Is that the general consensus? funny its not the first time I’ve seen someone claim that. Is there a lot happening, some big ones? or a bit of both?

Yes, lots of good ipos due this year. Here are just a few:
Vantage Towers
Trust Pilot
Epic Games

These are the most exciting IPOs for this year. There are many others as well.

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