How to track/buy upcoming IPOs?

Hi guys, first off I’m really quite new to this and while I find my feet, my very simple strategy so far has been to invest in companies I know, in sectors I know and whose products I use frequently. So far its working! And until I learn more I’ll continue with that. But please forgive what could be a rather basic question.

I’ve heard about new companies having upcoming IPOs such as Snowflake and Coinbase, and I’m wondering if anybody has tips on how to best to track/follow these and then eventually what the process is to buy shares in them via FreeTrade, or otherwise if there’s a better/cheaper way to get them before FT does have them available.


Lemonade IPO’d recently and freetrade offered it on the day I believe, but it had been heavily requested beforehand. So it should be possible but you should make a request post if there isn’t one already.



Thank you for this Adam, yeah Lemonade did trigger a lot of my thinking with this. I’ll take a look.