Ipo Requests

Hi, I am so surprised there isn’t more IPO OR coming up IPO info on free-trade.

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Are you looking for any company in particular that is IPO’ing? Might be worth raising a thread and getting some votes, so the team can prioritise.

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Hey Abdul, we’re actually working on something right now which you might like.

Let us know what type of info on IPOs, or the companies you’d like to see on your app when they do IPO.

Either here, or do search for a thread or start a new one, as @jspen suggests.

We’ll do our best to bring this all to you!


Hi, not a lot of IPO comes out, but free-trade could create a list on the free-trade app so investors can buy a start-up in a company shares never know where it could lead to, you could be a shareholder in that company in the future.

You mean freetrade should be like crowdcube or seedrs?

Hi, no not really but where can you go to buy into an IPO, I mean there no UK Brokers.is there?

The ideal for me would be a tab within the app showing a list of forthcoming IPOs, the date and a brief summary of each company. That way the individual can do research and then have the ability to buy on the day of the IPO.


Sounds like they might be onto it which is exciting. IPOs do go on pretty quick, BigCommerce came on a couple of days ago (and tanked), and Li Auto which I’m now regretting buying as they apparently catch fire 🤦

Daw, I think that’s a Good Idea.:slight_smile: It’s something that I would be interested in.:+1:

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