[Feature Request] Pre IPO investing

This is a GREAT feature on SoFi - I’d love to see this kind of thing on FreeTrade: Invest in IPOs - Buy IPO Stock | SoFi


I’d be all over that.


Please make the effort to search before posting. Chances are that someone has posted a very similar idea before you.

@beermoneytrader I suggested @joeb start this feature request after searching the forum. The idea you’ve highlighted is different. On the Sofi app (:us: only) they have found a way to trade private market companies pre IPO. I don’t know how this is done but would be a great feature to explore


It looks like they are giving you the opportunity to pre register and participate in the IPO at the IPO price. Hargreaves Lansdowne actually offer this (looks like it’s just a limited selection though, and there’s a £1000 minimum application), there are probably others.

It would be a great feature for Freetrade


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Yep, different feature request. Sorry for the brevity on the original. Was low on time (as I am now).

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