IPO Calendar / Offers


Wouldn’t it be awesome if Freetrade announced early any planned IPO’s that they can offer stocks in?

They could even link to relevant case studies/proposals detailing the company’s background.

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

I’d love to see IPOs such as Slack or Uber on Freetrade, but if ever, it does not seem like it will be a norm in the near future:


If click IPO can do it, surely you can too

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

It requires high demand from a large number of retail investors to form an appropriately sized bid. It also requires relevant software and legal infrastructure to be in place, which will take plenty of resources - but will the benefit be justifiable? That is an open question.

Considering that there are so many other things Freetrade plans to implement, I do not feel that it may be a feasible area to pursue, but who knows… :slight_smile:

Just to avoid confusion, I am not in any shape or form affiliated with Freetrade, I only express my personal opinion as a fellow user.


leader of what then?

(Alex Sherwood) #6

I’ll send you a DM in a minute.