Prioritisation of hyped IPOs over quieter IPOs

Hi James,

Totally understand your frustration and where you’re coming from.

While we were able to add Cellular and Kanabo, which were highly requested, the issues around liquidity on SETsqs became more apparent afterwards. That’s why we weren’t able to add AMTE at this point, and why we have to do some exploratory work to understand how we can add these types of stocks in future.

In terms of US SPACs, we are working with our US trading partner to understand if there are any we have not yet added which meet their eligibility criteria, namely $1bn market cap or 3-month average daily dollar volume must be greater than $0.5 million. I personally conducted the analysis on these, and we hope to have some new ones to add soon.

We will continue adding many new IPOs, hyped or otherwise, including the six US IPOs this week which are not quite as hyped as some other recent IPOs like Roblox etc.

And also our weekly batch of new US stocks when they are made available to us.

We are committed to adding thousands more stocks this year, including many 'unfashionable’ IPOs and others from around the world!