All of them that we can physically add. And then everything else.

These seem to be the most mentioned ones that are not on Freetrade yet:

Ticker Name
AMCI AMCI Acquisition Corp
BFT Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp. II
BMRG B Riley Principal Merger II Corp
CCIV Churchill Capital Ord Shs Class A
CCIVU Churchill Capital Corp IV
CCX Churchill Capital Ord Shs Class A
CCXX Churchill Capital III Corp
DPHC DiamondPeak Holdings Corp
FMCI Forum Merger II Ord Shs Class A
FVAC Fortress Value Acquisition Ord Shs Class A
GRAF Graf Industrial Corp
HCAC Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp IV Class A
HCCH HL Acquisitions Corp
KBLM KBL Merger IV Ord Shs
LCA Landcadia Holdings II Ord Shs Class A
NFIN Netfin Acquisition Corp
OPES Opes Acquisition Corp
SAQN Software Acquisition Group Inc
SOAC Sustainable Opportunities Acqstn Corp
TRNE Trine Acquisition Ord Shs Class A
WPF Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp

Anything else you and the community might want?


Hi Viktor,

Can you please consider adding Kensington Capital Acquisation KCAC ?
thank you


Of course.

Fantastic! Which SPAC’s will you be adding?

Great list I have to say! Some really exciting SPAC’s there!

One I really want to see is Pivotal Investment Corporation II (PIC). They’ve just announced a merger with XL Fleet, EV company specialising in class 2 to 6 vehicles. Any chance that might be listed? Thanks, I appreciate it.


Yes, we’ll look into it.

Keep it coming!

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GS Acquisition Holding Corp II (GSAH) would be good too, are we expecting all these tomorrow or some each week?

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Some each week - for now.


We’ll add it as soon as available of course


Can we get Social Capital’s next three as well please @Viktor? On a podcast Palihapitiya said they will be available in next 10 days.

Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp IV (NYSE: IPOD) plans to sell 35 million shares at $10 each for proceeds of $350 million.

Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V (NYSE: IPOE) plans to sell 65 million shares at $10 each for proceeds of $650 million.

Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI (NYSE: IPOF) plans to sell 100 million shares at $10 each to raise $1 billion.


Would love to see SBE on Freetrade please :slight_smile:


If that’s Switchback Energy / Chargepoint then I’d really like to see that one too! Its growth predictions for the rollout of charging stations are impressive.


@artzone @CashCow Thanks for the suggestions!

We’re adding The Social Capital SPACs as soon as possible.

We’re looking into SBE as well!


Social Capital have $IPOD, $IPOE & $IPOF coming out soon. Can we get in on these on day 1?

Edit: nevermind, posted before reading the thread. Keeping it here to show support


CM Life Sciences, Inc. Unit (CMLFU) please

Is there any chance of adding SBE in next weeks batch of stocks.

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I believe we need to wait 52 days until the common shares are available, so likely Nov/Dec :neutral_face:

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would freetrade be able to add Chamath Palihapitiya’s newly listed SPACS - IPOD, IPOE, IPOF?